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Create Fun and Happy Memories With your Kids with Good Parenting!

For many people, family vacations bring up many great memories. Some remember long cross-country trips with the family packed into a car, some remember flying on airplanes to see relatives and others remember going on an ocean cruises to play on faraway beaches. Are you planning on making those wonderful memories with your children this summer? The happy and fun-filled family vacation is, after all, one of the biggest highlights in parenting you can have. You may also wonder how to make it a fun one that they will remember for years to come. After all, you do not want to have a cranky and unhappy family when all you want to do is spend time together.

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Here are some secrets to a fun family vacation that guarantee memorable and happy moments.

  • Plan your vacation with your kids and decide on where everyone wants to go as well as finding out vacation schedules ahead of time.
  • Make sure to pack lightly and make it fun by helping your younger ones pack. You can also let them help you pack by putting certain items in your suitcases such as shoes and other items. Be sure to have enough room in your luggage for souvenirs.
  • Leave plenty of time to get to where you want to be. To get your vacation off to a good start, plan to arrive at the airport about an hour early if you are planning to fly so you can check luggage, go through security and still have time to play before boarding.
  • Leave some flexibility in the schedule. Perhaps you may remember a series of films made in the 1980’s about a well-meaning, yet overly ambitious father by the name of Clark Griswold and his family. Wanting the best for the family, he had a tendency to go a little overboard with vacation schedules that left no flexibility what so ever. This, of course, lead to several humorous disasters and inevitable meltdowns; from the first film where the kids did not want to stay in the car anymore, to feeling exhausted and a little smothered in Europe in the second film. Unlike the National Lampoon Vacation movies, disasters from over scheduling and little flexibility are rarely humorous. Remember that even though kids seem to have a lot of energy, a lot of them are not continuous doers that constantly need to go from ride to ride or monument to monument. Over scheduling often leads loss of enthusiasm and exhaustion. Downtime is a must for everyone in the family so they would have time to enjoy themselves.
  • Let your children pick out a special souvenir within a certain price range; whether it is with their own vacation money or you decide to pay for it.
  • Let each person in the family choose one activity and one restaurant per trip. Give them options to choose from or let them choose something else that is fun to do if they are old enough to do so.
  • Last and certainly not least, keep your vacation simple and fun.

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Kristin Farmer Tells Where To Take Your Children In San Francisco

Kristin Farmer gives you some fun suggestions of where to take your kids in San Francisco for a fun, cultural adventure.

Photo taken from Alcatraz with red flowers and the Golden Bridge in the background - Photographer Aces Kristin Farmer All Rights Reserved

San Francisco’s Exploratorium is a smorgasbord of creative experimentation for kids. Part of the Palace of Fine Arts, this large, two-story warehouse provides a variety of educational inventions, ranging from floating beach balls to a sand conveyor belt to a huge tactile dome. Kids are able to explore science concepts such as electricity, energy, light, sound, and motion.

The San Francisco Zoo is a spectacular place to take kids, and it has recently completed renovation to make it one of the best children’s zoos in the country. New additions include a meerkat and prairie dog exhibit and a petting zoo so kids can interact directly with animals.

The Walt Disney Family Museum. The museum details the life and works of the famed animator with both permanent and rotating exhibits. Features include early drawings and movies, music listening stations, and a 13-foot model of Disneyland.

The Randall Museum of San Francisco is located in the center of the city. This favorite gives kids a large variety of activities including a scale model of a caboose to climb on. The urban rail exhibit lets kids guide their train through models of San Francisco landmarks.

San Francisco’s Aquarium of the Bay may be smaller than San Francisco’s notable California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but that makes it ideal for younger kids who don’t want to walk as far. It also has a series of undersea tunnels that can be explored by foot or on moving sidewalks. The petting pools let little ones touch anemones, starfish, rays, and small sharks. For an additional $10, you can explore the catwalks above the tanks. Call in advance to book spots and for additional information.

Just across the Bay Bridge, you’ll find the Oakland Museum of California. This is a great place to make learning history fun for kids. The large chalkboard entrance encourages visitors to write their answers to a topical question, draw a picture, or just scribble their name. Rotating art exhibits bring the courtyard to life. Inside the museum are galleries for Art, History, and Natural Sciences. On Family Sundays, they offer events such as storytelling and arts and crafts.

Alcatraz: While you may wonder whether taking children to a former prison is a good idea, there is plenty to offer for children. Just keep in mind that they may be interested in different aspects, such as the ferry ride, the views of surrounding towns, the abundance of birds and flowers, and the island’s steep hill.

The Asian Art Museum is the largest museum in the Western World dedicated exclusively to Asian art and culture. The permanent collections span 6,000 years and more than 40 Asian countries.

About the author: Aces Kristin Farmer has many roles in her life: family member (mother, daughter, sister), friend, business executive, and role model for women. Aces Kristin Farmer is also a fearless advocate for individuals with autism. Her dedication and commitment to service make her an inspiration for many.