From Fort Douglas Military Museum to Temple Square Salt Lake City Has Many Marvels

Salt Lake City may not have the glamour of New York or the coolness factor of San Francisco, but it still is a fascinating city to visit. While Salt Lake City will always be best known for its lake, there are many other reasons why so many people love the area.

Great Salt Lake old piture

There is no other place in America than the Great Salt Lake where you literally can’t sink if you go swimming in the water. At about 75 miles long, 28 miles wide, and with a maximum depth of 35 feet, the Great Salt Lake is the largest U.S. lake west of the Mississippi. With salt concentrations typically 3-5 times that of the ocean, no fish can live in the water. You’ll see all types of migratory birds around the Salt Lake. Experience the calming and even therapeutic waters at Bridger Bay. Up above, a majestic bird spreads its wings and glides through the clear blue skies. Once you start floating in the Great Salt Lake, you’ll never want to leave.

Temple Square

After a few hours out at the Lake, head back to the city. Temple Square is an absolute must place to visit. Home to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the three-block plaza is the place to gain insight into the Mormon church. Rising high into the sky is the iconic Salt Lake Temple. As you walk through the square’s scenic gardens and past the many fountains, take note of the expansive Tabernacle and the Gothic-style Assembly Hall. If you ever wanted to trace your lineage, the Family History Library is the place to start. Bring any historical records you may have to the largest genealogy library in the world and the skilled librarians will help you trace your roots. If you come to the Tabernacle on a Sunday morning, you’ll be able to see and hear a live performance by the world-famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Liberty Park is an 80 acre oasis within the city limits. A great place for the whole family, you can stroll the paths, ride bikes, run around in the playgrounds, play tennis and do so much more. Bring a picnic basket and have lunch down by the pond. You’ll also find an aviary and nursery where you can check-out our feathered friends and the carefully cultivated plants.

Fort Douglass Military Museum Salt Lake City

The Fort Douglas Military Museum is rich in history about one of the most important forts ever built in the United States. Back in the days when the West was being won, Fort Douglas protected the mail routes and settlers from Indian attacks. It was home to troops who fought battles in Mexico, the Philippines, Europe, and on the islands in the Pacific.

If you have kids, the Discovery Gateway children’s museum is a fun place to visit. Located inside the Gateway Mall in downtown Salt Lake City, Discovery Gateway is 60,000 square feet of engaging and interactive exhibits

What’s a city without some great places to eat and shop? City Creek Center, in the heart of Salt Lake City is a sparkling new and unique retail shopping and dining complex that features more than 110 stores and restaurants. A retractable glass roof stays open when the weather permits and can be closed to protect visitors when Mother Nature does not cooperate.

People love Salt Lake City because it offers everything you might want in a big city without the hustle and bustle of a big city.

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